Edgar Snow Portrait hanging over stage at an event in China

About the Foundation

Since 1974, the Edgar Snow Memorial Foundation has fostered cross-cultural activities and exchanges that enrich the citizens of the United States and China.

Our Founders were globally concerned citizens Mary Clark Dimond and her husband Dr. E. Grey Dimond, who honored their friend, Kansas City born journalist Edgar Snow.

Snow is believed to be the first Western journalist to interview Mao Zedong and other foundational leaders of modern China and is best known for his landmark book Red Star Over China, first published in 1937.

Our Mission

Edgar Snow Biennial symposium in 2012Our mission is to preserve Edgar Snow’s memory and advance his legacy of increasing US-Sino understanding and friendship. We do this by cultivating deeper and more enduring relationships between the peoples of our two nations through cultural, educational, and economic collaboration and exchange. Our guiding vision is for the people of the US and China to have a closer relationship and a better understanding of each other through the example of Edgar Snow.

The ESMF is a non-profit, non-commercial, non-political entity and a proud support organization of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC).

Our Partners in China

River Li visited by Edgar Snow Memorial Foundation travel delegationOur partner organization in China is the China Society for People’s Friendship Studies, (PFS). The PFS is headquartered in Beijing and is composed primarily of retired Chinese diplomats. It was founded by the late Huang Hua, former Foreign Minister of China, the People’s Republic of China’s first permanent representative to the United Nations, and Henry Kissinger’s Chinese counterpart during the groundbreaking negotiations to reestablish relations between the two countries in the early 1970s.