Edgar Snow Visiting Scholar Sun Hua

Visiting Scholar Program

Since 1979, distinguished Chinese professors, researchers and performers have held visiting faculty appointments at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for a semester or more in a given academic year.

The ESMF Board has sought and invited the best academic and cultural talent in China to fill these posts as a way of bringing together our two cultures as they interact with students, faculty, and the community.

Former Edgar Snow Visiting Professors:

1979 Hsu Jiayu, Medicine

1980 Zhou Guangren, Piano

1982 Han Depei, Law

1982 Ying Ruocheng, Theater

1983 Wu Zuoren, Fine Arts

1984 Huang Kun, Physics

1985-86 Jiang Yuanchun, Journalism

1987 Niu Jingyi, Biochemistry

1988 Chen Zhanxiang, Engineering and Urban Planning

1989 Lin Juying, Nursing

1992 Fu Jingsheng (Ah Fu), Fine Arts

1993 Zhang Lihe, Pharmacy

1994 Wang Junyi, Economics

1996 Zheng Yong, Conservatory (Voice)

1998 Chen Hui, International Finance

2001 Tao Shu, Environmental Science

2005 Li Pingping, Traditional Chinese Medicine

2006 Xu Changjun, Music and Composition

2016 Sun Hua, Executive Dean, Yuanpei College at Peking University, Beijing

2016 Zhang Hong, Edgar Snow Visiting Scholar, Renmin University, Beijing

2017 Liu Xiaofeng, Edgar Snow Visiting Scholar, Civil Aviation University of China, Tianjin

2019 Yaning Shang, Edgar Snow Visiting Fellow, Shaanxi Normal University, Xi’an

2019 Li Ying, Edgar Snow Visiting Fellow, Xi’an University of Economics and Finance